A nerd is mostly smart at schoolwork and education

Nerd recommendations

Anyways. Trigun, you will like!

Love Hina. well you have to make sure you watch the Christmas Special, Spring Special, and OVA in order to get some closer, but it was also really good.

I found out Inuyash is only to episode 140 or so in Japan. I have up to 136 and I have watched up to 91 so hopefully The others get released!!! It is so good.

Another popular one is Naruto. I have all the episodes, but I’ve never watched them. I’ll get to it. Same goes for Last Exile.

I watch 2 episodes of Anime ever night before I go to bed. I’m glad I have 100GB!!!!

## ## >> Re: Nerd recommendations.

I recently saw all of Last Exile and really liked it. I saw the first episode of King of Bandit Jing and it seems funny. I’m getting the first two discs.

The definition of a nerd: A person that looks smart, and basically is smart. A nerd is mostly smart at schoolwork and education, Ex: Math, Literature, Science etc.

A nerd might not be smart in computers, but some are.

The definition of a geek: A person that looks smart, and is smart, but there’s a catch, only in computers. A geek spends most of his free time on the computer, not going out much and enjoying ‘Real’ life. A geek is extremly smart in computers, but might not be smart in education, but I say about 92% are smart in computer and education. (don’t mess with geeks, they arer SMART!)

The definition of a dork: A person that looks smart, but is not smart. A dork just tries to act smart but is not smart at all, neither in education or computers.

Now that everyone understands,. They looked more like humans in a hawk costume but they could fly. I have been trying to figure out the name for years, does anyone remember this? I guess it was around 1978 1982??

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